Monday, January 03, 2005

Group Work

Student's love to talk, so provide them the opportunity by channeling it into group work.

Families are so busy today that research shows children aren't getting in their talk time at home, so they try to fill their quota by talking in school all the time. Anyone that works in the school setting will tell you that, so how can we turn this into a learning experience.

Set up groups with a driving question and allow them to work through it till they've found the answer together. As long as they stay on task it's a great way to fulfill their needs and get learning accomplished at the same time.

Before you start, set up the groups yourself. Find the leaders and divide them between the groups. Also, give them a support person that may not be a leader, but is a good support for leaders. Then divide your problem students between the groups. After that, fill in with everyone else. Group size shoud be around four or five students when possible.

Teach everyone how to become a part of a group. Help them to see when and how to listen in a group, when to talk, and how to be empathetic with others.

Give the groups clear directions and then filter around the room listening in on how they are doing. When every group is finished have someone share what they accomplished.

Afterwards, sit down with each group and discuss with them how each member participated.
You will find that the students learned more because they directed their own learning.


Blogger Inland Lakes 5th Grade said...

I think this is a great blog. Mr. Benn is right we kids now adays do talk a lot in school hours. For me I do talk a lot at school. With my firends and teachers. I realy don't get all my work done in school because of my mouth and my attitude problem.

Samantha Lee Maun

January 18, 2005 at 2:36 PM  

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